Virtual Reality is changing reality

The human race has evolved the ability to process and share information like no other species we know of. Language, writing, printing presses, telephones, photographs, smartphones are all wondrous vehicles for information transfer, but virtual reality takes us even beyond the scintillating thrills of sharing knowledge – it also affords us the magical intimacy and camaraderie of sharing our experiences with one another. Virtual Reality conveys feelings and moods – it is a way of entering other worlds and exploring new visual and emotional landscapes.


Who are Bolverk Games?

Danish startup in central Copenhagen

We consist of people driven by a strong passion for gaming and emerging technologies. Want to know more? Click the button below to check out the team


Our story

We actually do have a story to tell

How does a virtual reality startup emerge? Get to know the team and our story and learn more about our ambitious goals for the virtual realm


How is the progress?

Developing games takes a lot time!

Get to know what we are developing right now. Learn about the games we develop, the startup culture within our organisation. Get to know it all in the blog which is frequently updated.



Any questions?

Let us know. Please feel free to contact us anytime! Expect an answer within 1-2 workdays.

Out now: Dick Wilde & Kittypocalypse

Kittypocalypse is available on the Oculus store!

Buy Dick Wilde on Steam here!
Buy Kittypocalypse on Steam here!