Kittypocalypse – Game announcement

Kittypocalypse – Game announcement

Have you recently viewed a cat-video on-line?

Do you become inexplicably excited when faced with hordes of meowing, stampeding kittens?

Are you ready for the KITTYPOCALYPSE?

Virtual Reality has never looked so cute and deadly at the same time. Bolvërk Games has announced development on Kittypocalypse, a strategic; real-time defense game exclusively developed for VR, releasing on the Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus and the HTC Vive VR headsets.

In Kittypocalypse you defend your homeworld against trans-dimensional alien kittens (and their friends). These diabolical feline creatures have come to take over the joint, and are dressed up for the occasion. Battling from control point to control point, deploying state of the art weaponry such as Impulse Weapons, Gravity Distorters and that old crowd-pleaser, Missile Launchers, you will be engaged in fierce fights with these relentless kittens all over your homeworld.

Hilarity ensues as the roaming hordes of kittens fling themselves at your defenses with reckless abandon, flying in all directions.

This November the Kittypocalypse will begin. Are you ready?

We are.



Bolverk Games
  • Julio Gomes
    Posted at 11:26 pm, March 15, 2016


    I’ve already downloaded the demo, and I have played the demo at-least 15 times within the 3 day’s of having it. It looks amazing and so addictive for a demo and I can’t wait until the full games comes out, I really wish there was a map or 2 more on the demo to keep me going until the full game. AMAZING !!!

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