Bolverk Games is born in the living room

The whole thing began when Lasse bought his own Oculus Rift development kit. After the purchase Lasse, Bo and Jens met and discussed the potential of this new technology. They all agreed that virtual reality is going to be a game changer. As all of them are longtime, keen players of strategy games, they settled on the decision that their development efforts should be directed at making their own strategy game, replete with breathtaking visual effects, addictive gameplay, and deceptively adorable evil feline antagonists hell-bent on destroying everything that we have come to know and love.


They set out to achieve this goal in less than a year. Bolverk Games was ready to roll!

The growth of Bolverk Games

The team which at the time consisted of Jens, Bo and Lasse decided to expand. Shortly after, Anders joined the term as an intern. The expansion sped up the development process and soon the team had a playable demo. This demo was sent throughout their network and the received feedback was very positive. The ambitions of the team expanded with the team size, and they decided that it was time to seek capital in order to reach their goals.


Bolverk Games attracts capital

A talented team attracts capital and the venture capitalists at Capnova decided to invest in the team. This was great news to Bolverk Games which so far had been working in a living room. Leg-space was becoming a problem, so the investment could not have come at a better time. With money in the bank and a passion for hard work the team could not be more ready to conquer the world!

Bolverk Games is now ready to work off its butt!

After their first investment Bolverk Games expanded once again. Now with 7 people working full time in an office in central Copenhagen the team is preparing their first launch ever.


Now they have one mission in mind: working their butt off and releasing the game as soon as it is awesome and ready.

More about the game here: Kittypocalypse