Weapon Hierarchy and upgrade depth DONE!

Weapon Hierachy

Weapon Hierarchy and upgrade depth DONE!

We are scrambling to finish Kittypocalypse, so you can get to enjoy the wonders of glorious kitty-combat. The weapon-hierarchy design is complete, done and dusted, although still in handwriting at the moment.

Feast your eyes upon the 66 permutation of kitten-destruction machines above, or get acquainted with the names of all upgrades here:


Acid Gel Mines
Advanced Chill Disperser
Advanced Super Capacitors
Armor Piercing Bullets
Boson Disintegrator
Bulky Blobber
Current Alternator
Decoherence Muffler
Depleted Uranium Projectiles
Exhaust Recycler
Fast Flux Stabilizer
Fast Quantum Flux
Fragmentation Charges
Full Metal Jacket
G-Field Stabilizer
Graviton Impeller
Heavy Acid Gel Mine
Heavy Field Disruptor
Heavy Gatling
Heavy Laser
Heavy Launcher
Heavy Tar Mines
Heavy Vacuum Encapsulator
Higgs Hybridizer
High Explosives
High Voltage
Hollow Point Bullets
Hydrocarbon Condenser
Impulse Impactor Bullets
Impulse Intensifier
Impulse Launcher
Inertia Negation Charges
Jiffy Blobber
Light Shrapnel
Liquid Nitrogen Mines
Mine Layer
Mist Multiplier
Muscle Fibrillator
Phase Pulse Modulator
Polarization Stabilizer
Prismatic Stabilizer
Range Extender
Rapid Flux Recycler
Rapid Launcher
Shatter Shock Slugs
Shock Compression Muffler
Shrapnel Spammer
Super Acid Mines
Super Heavy Launcher
Tachyon Muffler
Tar Mines
The Bouncer
The Overturner
The Shocker
The Shredder
Turbo Blob-Duster
Turbo Fragger
Twin Gatling
Twin Turbo Laser
Waveform Modulator




Bolverk Games
  • Jason w
    Posted at 7:46 pm, August 15, 2016

    I’m very excited about your game it looks amazing and very in-depth. With all the new VR games / ” experiences ” that have been coming out lately it is nice to finally see a full fledged game . I think that a lot of the games that have been put out lately have been thrown together so fast to make a quick buck because they know that the VR community will buy pretty much anything because of the lack of content. they do not realize that they are destroying virtual reality. A lot of us gamers have been dreaming about being inside of our games our entire lives. Now that we can we don’t want to because it’s not a game we want to play. I have 35 games for vr and I only play 1 minecraft a game that was made for the monitor and ported over to the vive by a gamer. Nintendo did not become great because of there great graphics or there high tech controllers. It’s because there games were fun to play

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