Why I love being a game developer!


Why I love being a game developer!

So. Besides from the excruciating pain of ACTUALLY releasing a game, the job of being a game developer comes with it’s own set of perks.

First of all, you get to have an interesting answer to the question: “What do yo do” I can sincerely answer like this: “I am the CEO of a game development company. We make computer games for Virtual Reality”. Trust me, it is a great conversation starter.

Secondly, you entertain people. And when you do, they speak their mind. This is an actual review just posted on our Steam page:

Wow!!! This is an incredibly well done (probably the best all around polished Vive game in fact) tower defense game. If I had known it was this good, I’d have bought it a long time ago and wouldn’t have bothered to wait for a sale.
Let’s face it, most tower defense games are junk: there is too much focus on the art and not on gameplay, the controls are wonky, it’s hard to differentiate units, the AI sucks and they are too easy.
Here’s why this game is awesome:
-This game has beautiful graphics in a fun and rich VR environment.
-The tutorial is short, but covers everything you need to know.
-The controls are very easy to use, and within a few minutes you’ll have them mastered.
-It’s really easy to move about the environment and control your units.
-The AI is really good, you’ll find your units doing on their own what you’d do if you were controlling them.
-It’s very easy to get an idea of where your units are and what unit is what since you see everything in VR.

On the hard difficulty, it’s really challenging. I was trying to make sure not even one kitten made it through, then I had to switch to just making it through the level. This is my main complaint about most Tower Defense games is that they are too easy. This game ramps up fast, but not just by sending hordes of kittens at you, but by testing your defenses by sending them in specific orders that make you really think about how you should place your towers.
In summary: This game is awesome! The developer nailed every facet of making a VR game great and has released one of the few complete, fully polished, VR games out there. I can’t believe it’s only $20. Unless you really hate Tower Defense games for some reason, just give it a try and refund it if you don’t like it. If you haven’t tried Tower Defense games before, then this is a great first Tower Defense game!

If that is not enough to fuel your fire, and make you do your utmost on the next game, nothing will!

Now. Back to the excruciating pain of being a game developer.

Oh yeah. And Kittypocalypse (VR) is on SALE. Save 20% right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/451010/



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