Bolverk Games

We are a Danish startup specializing in virtual reality games. Backed by venture capitalists Capnova and driven by a strong passion for games within the virtual realm.

Core Values

We make the VR games we want to play ourselves. This means our games are challenging, engaging, beautiful, immersive and extremely exciting. That translates into some pretty solid company values, if we dare say so ourselves.


Well this one really should be a given, but we feel compelled to tell you anyway. When you launch a Bolverk game you should feel completely immersed. We want you to be smiling like a child on christmas morning, and creating that kind of immersion requires games of uncompromising quality. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re making.

Easy to learn, hard to master

We want everyone to enjoy our games from the get-go. This is why we spend a lot of time making sure that the core mechanics of our games feel as good as they do. That being said, we also want you to lie awake at night and ponder how you can beat our annoyingly well thought out games.

That pioneer spirit

Bolverk is at the forefront of a market that is only going to grow and mature in the future. The sheer amount of options virtual reality enables is truly amazing. We will be right here, exploring VR’s potential and making the most of the technology as it evolves.


It started in 2015 when Lasse got an Oculus Rift development kit. Together our three founders; Lasse, Bo and Jens realized that virtual reality games did not have to be gimmicky novelties. They realized that VR games had the potential to be well thought-out and fully fledged games. Games that are not just fun, but also have stylish graphics and solid gameplay.

Bolverk Games used to be located in Jens' living room. The fight for space was a daily struggle. We grew slowly, but surely, and as the need arrived, we moved to a larger office. Today Bolverk consists of almost twenty people.

We have several titles behind us today, with even more to come. With each new one more innovative than the one before. We consider all game genres open in our quest to make the best games we can. We believe that new challenges will make us better developers and strengthen us as a studio.

Bolverk Games is a self supporting studio today. We have gone a long way from being three guys in a living room, fighting for leg space.